Laser Cleaning Technology

rustremovallaserLaser cleaning technology is a remarkable and unique tool for mold cleaning, pretreatment and post treatment of materials and decoating. Also leaning with laser light has proven to be the most gentle and effective method for restoring the beauty of historic architectural treasures including sculptures, bronze statues, ornate terracotta as well as entire building façades.

Laser Cleaning is safe, provided the correct laser safety goggles are worn at all times, not only by the operator but also anyone else within the vicinity.  If cleaning outdoors, then an enclosure must be erected around the cleaning area, i.e., protective laser curtains or mobile partitions must surround the machine or monument or other such outdoor object.  If this cannot be done, then the object must be taken away and cleaned in an enclosed room, with extraction and ventilation, where the entrance and exit doors are interlocked so that if someone inadvertently walks into the room, the laser stops. This is normal standard practice for anyone operating a laser cleaning service or applications lab.

Laser cleaning removes harmful and unsightly deposits without chemicals, abrasives, water, dust or residues that can permanently damage industrial components. Moreover, laser cleaning is a green process; it produces no secondary waste, no run-off and no dust that can pose risks to people and the planet.


  • Gentle cleaning with light
  • No abrasion on delicate surfaces
  • Non-contact / non-kinetic – only laser light processes the surface
  • No chemicals, no consumables, no blast media
  • Totally dry cleaning process – no water or liquids that can cause moisture damage & corrosion
  • Easy to operate & easy to adjust
  • High reliability with low maintenance
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly – Clean & Green

Laser cleaning works by using extremely short duration pulses of laser light, scanned across the surface to vaporise a wide variety organic and inorganic contaminants, carbon deposits, oxides w. A fume extractor is used to capture the vaporised residues as they are removed to give a dust-free process with nothing to clean-up. The equipment is designed for safe use in a wide-range of applications. For personnel safety, the operator, and observers, wear special laser safety glass that provides comfortable eye protection.

In the hands of a skilled restorer or conservator, this simple-to-use hand-held laser cleaning tool produces amazing results as it uncovers and helps preserve the natural beauty of our cultural heritage .