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Cleaning anode rods with lasers

New Industry Standard for cleaning Anode Rods

The Situation

Current cleaning processes of anode rods, such as industrial brushing, allow surface contamination to build up, leading to inefficient aluminium production and increased electricity usage. Up to now, manufacturers have had no choice but to continue with this method of cleaning.

Industrial Brushing

In-line automated brushes attempt to clean the surfaces of the rods with inconsistent results. On top of this, contact with the rods destroys the brushes requiring regular replacement, at high cost.

The Solution

AiRC-1000 provides a high quality clean, which is fully flexible, and provides savings in the smelting process through reduced electricity usage. This will be achieved using state-of-the-art technology including a high-power laser system and robotics. This in conjunction with advanced control algorithms have been developed to achieve optimum throughput, flexibility, and usability.

Cost Savings

  • No wearing parts
  • No ongoing consumables
  • Ability to work 24/7
  • No additional materials or chemicals required
  • Savings in power used during the smelting process

Quality Improvements

  • Consistency and repeatability of clean
  • Flexibility for different rod geometries
  • Flexible cleaning cycle – deep > rapid

AiRC-1000 is a turnkey solution with easy installation at any site globally, with low overheads and power requirements and has industry 4.0 integration and reporting.