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200-300 W TROLLEY

200-300 W TROLLEY

Easy transportation: laser cleaning on the go


The design of a 200 W or 300 W laser system is more advanced than the designs that work with 20 W – 100 W.

Not only does the standard configuration exist of a control unit and a laser source, but also a cooling unit. This cooling unit makes sure the source remains cool during operation.

Our unique industrial grade control system ensures fluent operation of both chiller and laser source, and provides the customer with all the information he needs!

Of course, multiple laser programs can also be created in Cleansweep©, which can be stored to the control unit later on.


P-Laser’s 200-300 W Trolleys come with a mobile optic.

The mobile optic finds it application in constantly changing working areas. The laser can be operated by hand, so even the most difficult spots can be reached.

The optic uses 2D-scanners (patent pending), which ensures an extremely versatile package of operation modes.


The 200-300 W Trolley is perfect for laser cleaning on production sites, where easy navigation and transportation are essential.

The trolley has brakes on caster wheels
Trolley measurements: 105 cm x 65 cm x 112 cm