Paint Removal/De-Coating

The laser systems can partially remove coatings, layer by layer, precisely in discrete areas, or completely cleaning /de-coating the part. Laser de-coating uses pulsed laser light that uses no chemicals, abrasives and or blast media, unlike the traditional methods. Laser de-coating is a paint removal technology that'sgree n and clean.


Rust Removal

Laser cleaning removes oils, grease, oxide layers, rust, selective paint removal and other residues resulting in the substrate's surface condition being prepped for applying the nished and nal coatings. No post cleaning required after laser process. Laser cleaning technology is also ideal as a surface pre-treatment to enhance adhesion prior to the application of varnishes/lacquers as well as the preparation of parts scheduled to be brazed or welded.


Mold Cleaning

Mold Cleaning Precision mold cleaning for Al, Steel, Casting, Tire & Baking molds; Anilox Print rolls; CFRP/GRP and PVD tools, using laser technology is an economical alternative to traditional methods. Laser mold cleaning is a green process that quickly and safely removes difcult residues without producing chemical or abrasive waste, extends the life of the mold, is a contactless technology (so no tolerance loss) and molds can be cleaned insitu, hot or cold.


ILAS 2017 5TH UK Industrial Laser Symposium

ILAS 2017: The 5th Industrial Laser Applications Symposium 22-23 March 2017 ILAS is back, the unique 2-day event that attracts international delegates and speakers to share the latest in laser material processing will be held in Grantham, Belton Woods Hotel 22-23rd March 2017. You are guaranteed to make new contacts, expand your network, find business or collaboration opportunities, meet potential employers and employees to develop your organisation or career. The symposium will be packed with presentations, exhibitions, and The AILU Award show. This event is open to all laser users from education to corporate so don’t miss out, register today.